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Maiev Hero Spotlight

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Maiev Hero Spotlight

Blizzard Entertainment im Verlauf des gestrigen Abends netterweise mal wieder eines ihrer für gewöhnlich sehr informativen Hero Spotlights. Heroes of the Storm Maiev Spotlight (HotS). Maiev Shadowsong stood watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years, and hunted him​. Heroes of the Storm - Maiev Spotlight Video. MOBA von Blizzard Entertainment für PC.

Maiev Spotlight (HotS)

Blogroll. Aktionsbündnis gegen Studiengebühren · AStA Uni Kiel · Startseite» Webserien & Webshows» Hero Spotlight» 1. Staffel» Maiev. Heroes of the Storm erhält Mit Maiev eine neue Assassine, die den Nexus schon bald aufräumt. Heroes of the Storm: Der nächste Held ist Maiev, eine Assassine aus Warcraft. Hier seht ihr die offizielle Videovorstellung mit allen Skills!

Maiev Hero Spotlight Heroic Trait Video

Lvl 100 Maiev

Maiev Hero Spotlight
Maiev Hero Spotlight

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Overwatch League of Legends Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone Hollywood. Heroes of the Storm: Maiev Hero Spotlight.

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You don't even have to lock anyone up with the first ultimate, you can just make the enemy think you'll do it, so they won't activate any abilities before you do it, meaning they won't use any abilities for the whole window you can activate it and then you put them in stasis so they have to wait even longer to start using their crazy combos.

The lack of single-target damage is a big flaw, but she has so much potential in engaging, disengaging, cheesing powerful single-target abilities and forcing enemies to stay in battle, that I fail to see how a lack of damage can be flaw.

She will most likely be one of the most strategic characters released in a long time. Another Setup Heroic! We more of those. There are too many followup heroics that needs setups and we dont have enough setups.

She looks like a spammy AoE ranged dmg dealer. I dont think shes gonna counter him that much. The Wardens Cage looks like a perfect setup heroic.

Tyrandes ulti with it would be nice too. She has too much mobility and too much lock-down. If she would have a great single-target dmg on top of that she wouldnt need her team.

You mean like this vault? Not just mechanically, conceptually. Wardens are assassins and bounty hunters and jailers, leaving their posts to track down single fugitives.

They aren't know for cleaving down a dozen foes. They are known for going after the most badass individuals in existence and dragging them back one by one to be executed or imprisoned.

When you think of Maiev you think of her relentless pursuit of Illidan not the chaffe that got in the way. Welcome to HotS.

What matters is the kit. Heroes are just cosmetic thing. There are heroes that basically were put together just for the kit.

Blaze among them. Btw, am i seeing things or Fan of Knives is actually not AoE but multiple projectiles.

Which means the closer you are more dmg it deals? That wouldn make sense though. Oh I realise. But still. Her kit isn't anything like what her fantasy dictates it should be and I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of the characters in this game line up well with their canonical representations and the lore from their respective universe.

Wouldnt say vast majority. Some do, some dont. Did Garrosh throw people around in WoW? Hanzo on is much more spammy in OW and his Scatters works differently his Dragonstrike insta-kills instead of being a useless zoning tool lol.

There are some Heroes that dont have a kit that could work in HotS. Kelthuzad kit for example looks much differently then his WoW kit.

And there are some Heroes just for the kit like Maiev. I think its fit her though. And truth be told if you only think about the kit not the cosmetics you gonna have much more fun to use hero.

All of Maievs abilities have nice synergy between them. Well i would understand if someone doesnt like the fact that her kit doesnt really fit her from the point of single-target dmg.

Thats understandable. But i stopped playing WoW in BC so i have no idea abouth the charas. For me its a day one buy. There are no talents that improve her ultimates.

Well I mean her only AoE damage ability is Fan of Knives which is pretty much lifted from her WC3 kit. All of her other effects do actually go really well with the Warden containing and bringing back escaped inmates.

Seems to work thematically to me. Watches Spotlight saying "if she hits atleast 2 enemy heroes I really hope that they take it back to 2 because 3 hits would make her literally niche.

Fun Fact: Maievs health pool is a little smaller then Ragnaroses and she has a passive 15 armor.

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Heroes of the Storm: Der nächste Held ist Maiev, eine Assassine aus Warcraft. Hier seht ihr die offizielle Videovorstellung mit allen Skills! Blizzard Entertainment im Verlauf des gestrigen Abends netterweise mal wieder eines ihrer für gewöhnlich sehr informativen Hero Spotlights. Der nächste Held im Online-Teamkampfspiel Heroes of the Storm ist Maiev, die legendäre Wächterin und Dämonenjägerin aus der World of Warcraft. Hier seht. Maiev - Die Wächterin aus dem WarCraft-Universum wird demnächst den Nexus in Heroes of the Storm ergänzen. Sie fällt in die Helden-Kategorie Assassine.

Maiev Hero Spotlight sehr beliebt. - Dies könnte dir auch gefallen

Quelle: Blizzard. New Bundles Limited Time Only! But it has very big range. Cannot be canceled. Posted January 29, edited. Maiev's next Basic Attack cleaves and applies a tether to enemy Heroes hit for seconds. If a tethered Hero moves too far from Maiev, they are pulled towards her, dealing damage and breaking the tether. Maiev is a melee Assassin who specializes in engagement, escape, and multi-hero damage if her enemies are clumped together. If you can’t watch the Spotlight yet, take a look at her abilities: Fan of Knives (Q) — Maiev throws out several knives in a crescent pattern, hitting all enemies in the targeted area. If she hits at least two enemies heroes, the ability’s cooldown is drastically reduced. Maiev Shadowsong served as warden over the imprisoned Illidan Stormrage for ten thousand years before hunting him after his release. Now she enters the Nexus as an unrelenting avatar of vengeance. Maiev Hero Spotlight Sign in to follow Even Genji can just use his Swift Strike after a pull so its not like its that easy for Maiev to get any mobile hero. Now prepare for the unmaking of your world as Deathwing descends upon the Nexus. The Worldbreaker has set his sights on the realms of the Nexus to spread his. Team Werben auf PlayCentral Testwertungen. Hast Du Lust, an dieser neuen Seite mitzuwirken? Saviors of Sapphire Largest Casino. They aren't know for cleaving down a dozen foes. Ye cuz Dm TaschentГјcher Box wc3 warden kit was so focused on single target. Edited January 26, by Fliits. Here are the full patch notes for the update. Lasts for up to 6 5 seconds. Display as a link instead. Support Blizzard Watch on Patreon Disable ads, get exclusive content, and more! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. She has too Aktienanleihen Neuemissionen mobility and too Boomerang Gaming lock-down. Expecting clutch plays on godtier Alarak players level. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. No Control [E] Activate to cast Hp Laptop Registrieren untalented Hogg Wild and chase an enemy Hero. Maiev Hero Spotlight. Heroes of the Storm. Maiev’s Heroes of the Storm Spotlight video shows the Assassin’s unforgiving nature. by Mitch on January 26, at pm @MitchFizzl. Yesterday, after a couple days of teasing, Blizzard officially revealed Maiev as the next hero coming to Heroes . Heroes of the Storm: Maiev Hero Spotlight - Die Warcraft-Assassine stellt sich vor! Quelle: Blizzard um Uhr von Norbert Rätz - Der nächste Held im Online-Teamkampfspiel Heroes.


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