What are the different steps to make your children aware of emotions through art?

Did you know that some children prefer to express their emotions through art? Indeed, if your child is one of these categories of children to emotions through art, you must know how to sensitize him. We invite you, to discover some steps that can help you to make a perfect awareness of your child in this article.

Let them know what an emotion is and the criteria for recognising it

Emotion represents an emotional feeling that can be intense and characterised by various disorders. It can be a quickening of the pulse. Your children should be aware of the different types of emotions they may experience, as they may feel pain or pleasure.
In order to better express what they feel through art, they need to know that there are different emotions and especially remember the circumstances that caused them. These include anger, fear, joy and surprise. However, you must teach them to recognise them.
In fact, to recognize an emotion, you need to show them various pictures of faces expressing different emotions. Have them name the emotions experienced in these images while explaining the characteristic facial features associated with such an inference.

Have them draw the emotions via the features and portraits

First, for a perfect and successful awareness of your children are to make them draw emotions through the features. Since a list of characteristic features of various types of emotions has been made by your children, ask them to consider these for drawing.
You can therefore tell them various emotions on your face that they will draw, while leaving them the choice of pencil colours. Then, you can also ask them to draw your emotions through portraits.
In this case, asking them to make their own choice of emotion to draw is the best solution. In this way, they may be able to draw angry, happy, surprised or worried faces.